Lens Guide

Lens Guide

The Ideal lens for the Ideal you.
Wondering what kind of lenses would best suit you, your family, or your loved one? Here’s all you need to know to get the best eyesight you can get!

Single-Vision Multicoated Lens

The second most common lens type, normally used for the graded vision offered to people without a 20/20 eyesight. This is also one the cheapest type of lens that offers normal radiation protection and eyesight correction from near to distant.
Blue Shield Multicoated Lens

The suggested lens type for people living in this digital age. This lens can block harmful bluelight radiation from digital devies (i.e Computers, Cellphones, TV’s) that can cause eye strain and fatigue. More screentime equals more productivity together with Blue Shield Lenses.
Photochromic Blue Shield Multicoated Lens (GAMERSPECS)

The lens type that offers total protection from anywhere you may go! Photochromic blocks UV radiation from the sun and changes colors from clear to dark to become a sunglass type outdoors. BlueShield coating to also block harmful bluelight radiation from digital devices.

Mirrored Lens

Want to have a pair of sunglasses that has a reflective coating on the outside to make them appear like small mirrors? Then the Mirrored Lens is for you. These fashion statements come with a brown or grey tint on the inside so that it won’t be hard for you to see things when you wear them and give a softer vision to the wearer.
Polarized Lens

Going to the beach? Going for a long and sunny drive? Pick up one of our Polarized Lens to greatly reduce sun glare and damaging light! Perfect for any trip, these lenses can reduce discomfort from light to zero while simultaneously improving vision from bright lights. Get your fashion on with these babies!